Is Your Home's Comfort Inadequate? 3 Reasons Your Thermostat Is To Blame

As a general rule, when your home is not getting warm during the winter or cool during the summer, you instantly blame your heater or air conditioner. However, just because your heating and air conditioning system isn't properly heating or cooling your home, it doesn't necessarily mean that the actual heater or air conditioner is the problem. In fact, your problem could be with a much smaller component: the thermostat. Here are a few reasons why your thermostat is actually to blame for your home not getting as warm or cool as it should be in the winter or summer:

Why Does Your AC Unit Look Like Frosty The Snowman?

Snowmen are only around in the winter, so when your AC compressor starts looking like Frosty with a thick coat of snow and ice, you'd better be suspicious. Your AC unit isn't trying to usher in the winter. What it is doing is sending you a message that something's not quite right. So instead of capping it in a top hat and giving it a carrot as a nose, follow these steps to address the problem and stop it from freezing over.

How To Unclog A Central Air Drain System

If notice leaks or around your residential central air conditioner's outside unit, it has shut off, the drain system may be clogged. The job of the drain is to filter water outside, but it can get clogged with sludge. The sludge settles on the bottom because the condensate doesn't have enough force to dislodge it, which causes water backups. A beginning DIY person should be able to easily fix the problem.

How To Prepare For Mold Removal

Finding mold in your home can be incredibly frustrating, both because mold can be a health hazard and because mold is disgusting in general. Thankfully, most mold can be removed if you have the proper tools and knowledge. To help you rid your home of mold, here are some tips to help you get started: How can you find mold in your home? If you suspect that you have have mold in your home or have only found a small bit of mold and expect that there is more, then you will want to be able to actually locate the bulk of your infestation.

What Causes Your Air Conditioner To Freeze?

A freezing air conditioner is an altogether too common problem in the heat of the summer. When air conditioners are needed most, some units turn to ice and stop working. Knowing what causes this problem and what you can do to fix it can help you keep your air conditioner functional throughout the summer. What causes your air conditioner to freeze? There are two likely scenarios that can cause your air conditioner to freeze: