Why Your Dryer Vent Needs To Be Cleaned Out Regularly

You probably use your clothes dryer without giving it much thought. You may never even think about the dryer vent at all since it is behind the dryer and out of sight. However, the dryer vent accumulates lint over time, and the lint has to be removed just like you remove lint from the dryer itself. Here's a look at residential dryer vent cleaning and why you need to keep up with it for the safety of your home.

Three Tools To Make Your Heating System More Energy Efficient This Winter

When looking to make your home's heater more energy efficient without replacing the entire system, you can make changes to certain components like your thermostats and ducts to increase efficiency and add more control. Smart thermostats, zoning systems, and even specialized ducts can vastly improve your energy efficiency while still keeping you warm. Wi-Fi-Connected Thermostat A smart thermostat that connects to your home's Wi-Fi has several benefits, for efficiency and convenience.

A Guide on Air Conditioning Maintenance You May Find to Be Helpful

It's important to take proper care of your air conditioning for several reasons. You can read these reasons in this article, as well as information on what maintenance services should be done regularly, and some extra advice on your AC you will want to know.  1. Why know regular maintenance is important for your air conditioner Air conditioning lifespan: The lifespan of your air conditioner can be cut shorter if the system isn't properly cared for.

Know What To Do About Water Around Your Furnace

Have you discovered that there is water around the base of your furnace and you have no idea what is wrong with it? This is what you need to know about this unique problem. Why Is There A Water Leak? If you see water leaking out of your furnace, then this means that you have a high-efficiency condensing furnace. It is likely a PVC plastic pipe is going out the side of your home, and it condenses moisture from flue gas and releases it safely to the outside through this pipe.

Should You Update Your Air Filtration System In Your Home? 3 Signs It's Time

The air filtration system in your home does a lot of work. It is in charge of taking out the odors from your home. It's also in charge of taking out steam and heat from your home to help with humidity levels. The air filtration system in your home can also help give you the cleanest air possible. If your air filtration system is out of date, you may be breathing in all types of air-borne particles that can be harmful.