4 Common Reasons For A Noisy Air Conditioner

Most air conditioning systems operate with a soft humming sound that does not interfere with their regular activities. The hum is the noise that indicates that the air conditioner is in its optimum operation. However, sometimes the AC might start making wild noises indicating something is amiss. Some of the odd noises from your AC system might indicate a problem that needs your attention. Here are four common causes of a noisy air conditioner and how to handle them.

Need Quality Air Conditioning Installation? A Few Things To Observe

When you call a professional to help you install a new AC appliance, you're going to benefit from better energy savings and improved comfort. Making any compromises during your installation will lead to frequent breakdowns, costing you more in repairs in the long run. To avoid major issues along the way, here are a few installation tips to keep in mind. Find The Right AC Appliance Size For Your Home

4 Benefits Of Proper Furnace Maintenance

It's easy to take the benefits of proper furnace maintenance for granted — until your furnace breaks down in the middle of winter. Then, suddenly, you appreciate everything that regular maintenance can do to help keep your home warm and comfortable all season long. By investing a little time and effort into furnace maintenance, you can enjoy a number of important benefits that will make your life easier and more comfortable.

3 Boiler Efficiency Failures That Can Wreck Your Heating Budget

If your home uses hydronic heating, you have a boiler instead of a furnace. While hydronic heating systems can be an efficient way to keep your house warm, problems with your boiler can reduce this efficiency and increase your utility bills. A sudden increase in your monthly gas budget may be a sign that your boiler has an issue that you'll need to address. Unfortunately, not every problem that can reduce your boiler's efficiency will also stop it from heating your home, so you might not realize you have an issue.

Things To Know About A Refrigerant Leak In Your Air Conditioning System

One of the most important air conditioning services you can have done is to check the refrigerant in your system. It isn't easy to tell when the refrigerant first starts to leak. If the leak is slow, it might go on for a long time before you realize the problems with your AC are due to low refrigerant. Meanwhile, your air conditioning bills could keep getting higher. When you have an annual service call, the AC technician will check the refrigerant and find out about the problem before you start using the AC every day.