2 Misconceptions You May Have About Having A New Central Air Conditioning System Installed In Your House For The First Time

If you live in an older home with central heating but no air conditioning, you may have decided to have a central A/C system installed. Because this is your first time dealing with central air conditioning, you may have certain misconceptions about the process that could be making you hesitant to proceed.

These misconceptions could also lead you to make mistakes when making decisions about your choices. Below is the truth behind just a couple of the misconceptions you may have about having a new central A/C system installed for your house for the first time.

1. Ductwork Already in Place for Your Home's Central Heating System Will Need to Be Replaced

One misconception that you may have about having a central air conditioning system installed is that the ductwork that is already in place for your home's heating system will need to be replaced or rerouted. You may think that the installers will have to tear out walls to get rid of the ducts so that new ones can be put in.

Before the new system is installed, the contractor will inspect the ductwork to make sure that it is still in good condition. Even if there are a few places that are deteriorating or leaking, they may be able to replace or reinforce small sections. The only required installation of new ductwork and vents is for the hot air return.

2. Oversized A/C Unit Will Cool Your Home Faster and More Efficiently than a Smaller One

Another misconception you may have about putting a new central air system in your house is that you should purchase an oversized unit. You may believe that the larger the system, the faster it will cool your home efficiently.

However, if the unit is too large for your home, it will most likely short-cycle because sections will cool off faster than others. This short cycling will wear down the system and leave your home uncomfortable. The contractor performing the installation can help you choose the correct size for the space in your house.

When you are having a central A/C system installed for your house for the first time, the installers can typically use the existing ductwork as long as it is still in good condition by reinforcing the structure and adding a hot air return vent. When choosing the unit size, the contractor can help you select one that is not too big or small for the space to ensure your home stays comfortable while not putting stress on the system.

Contact an HVAC contractor who offers air conditioning installation services for more information.