3 Warning Signs You Have Issues With Your Toilet

A toilet is a fixture essential to every home's cleanliness. Further, proper care is something doable, and you can ensure the health of your toilet by taking a few precautionary measures. For example, you can refrain from flushing hygiene products, such as wipes, to prevent blockages. However, most toilets will need maintenance at some point in their lifetime. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to find out when your toilet starts to develop malfunctions and schedule immediate repairs. Here are the top three indicators that you might have an issue that needs attention.

Nonstop Water Supply to the Bowl 

You may notice that water keeps flowing from the tank and into the bowl after you have finished using the toilet. If this is the case, your water cost will increase significantly, and you might waste a significant amount of water. Note that this happens when a component regulator in your toilet is broken. If this is the case, you can try jiggling it and see if it is loose. The good news is that if the noise suddenly ceases, it shouldn't start again. However, if this doesn't work, you should have it replaced by a plumber.

You've Dealt With Several Clogs in the Past Month

You may deal with a clogged toilet at one point or another, which doesn't always mean something is wrong. Sometimes, you may have flashed something that is not meant to go down the drain. However, if it keeps happening, there could be a couple of explanations, including a malfunctioning flushing device or an obstruction deeper down the pipes. In such cases, you should monitor the flushing power of your toilet and the frequency with which it gets clogged. It's also possible that the issue stems from a weaker flush, and a plumber can easily restore proper flow.

There Is a Noticeable Leak

A lot of water can be stored in a toilet. So, consider how much water passes through it every time you flush. Because of this, sealing is crucial. That said, even though toilet seals are built to last, they eventually wear out. When this happens, a leak might occur at any time, leaving water on the ground. Note that standing water is a serious problem and requires prompt attention from an expert. Moreover, if you wait too long, the leak will become much more serious and lead to water wastage or a malfunctioning fixture.

These are some common signs that you might have issues with your toilet. If this is the case, ask a plumbing contractor to handle toilet malfunctions, as handling them alone can escalate the problem. Contact a local plumbing service for more information.