4 Services That Commercial HVAC Contractors Provide

HVAC systems provide temperature control for residential homes and businesses. The HVAC needs of these spaces can differ greatly, which is why it's important to hire an HVAC contractor who specializes in providing the services you need. Restaurants, bars, retail stores, office buildings, and other businesses can all benefit from heating and cooling. These are some services that commercial HVAC contractors can provide:

1. Install heating and cooling systems.

HVAC contractors can install heating and cooling systems in businesses that currently lack these features. An HVAC system will keep your employees and customers cool and comfortable in the summer while also fighting off the chill of winter. Installing an HVAC system in your building can increase its value. Landlords may be interested in contracting an HVAC specialist to provide heating and cooling for their buildings to increase the amount of revenue generated from rent.

2. Install and maintain refrigeration systems.

Commercial HVAC contractors can install heating and cooling systems. However, they can also help restaurants and bars by creating walk-in freezers and refrigerators. These spaces must be carefully maintained at ideal temperatures to prevent bacteria from growing in food. HVAC contractors can provide routine maintenance to ensure that your business is walk-in freezers and refrigerators have accurate thermostats that allow you to keep your products food-safe. HVAC contractors can also provide refrigeration for wine sellers so vintners can keep their wine in excellent condition.

3. Adjust HVAC systems in multilevel structures.

Commercial buildings are often much larger than residential homes. While a residential home may be two or even three stories, many office buildings are several stories tall. Heating and cooling large buildings requires special expertise. The upper levels of structures may have different temperature control needs than lower levels due to factors like rising heat and heat-retaining roofing materials. Ambient temperatures can also affect your building's HVAC requirements, depending on the type of insulation installed in your building and how much direct sunlight the structure receives.

4. Inspect your ventilation ducts and correct inefficiencies.

Finally, a commercial HVAC contractor can inspect your ventilation ducts to find cracks, leaks, and areas of poor insulation. Poorly maintained ventilation ducts can cause your HVAC system to work harder, leading to higher energy bills and less effective cooling. A commercial HVAC contractor can correct these inefficiencies to save you money and improve the quality of air in your building. A clean, effective filtration system will allow you, your employees, and your customers to breathe clean, healthy air. 

For more info, contact a local HVAC company.