4 Common Reasons For A Noisy Air Conditioner

Most air conditioning systems operate with a soft humming sound that does not interfere with their regular activities. The hum is the noise that indicates that the air conditioner is in its optimum operation. However, sometimes the AC might start making wild noises indicating something is amiss. Some of the odd noises from your AC system might indicate a problem that needs your attention. Here are four common causes of a noisy air conditioner and how to handle them. 

Humming and Grinding Noises

Often, the loud humming and grinding emanate from the blower motor. It could indicate that the blower needs lubrication to minimize friction. You can resolve this problem by pouring a few droplets of oil into the blower motor component of the air conditioner. Observe how the system functions after lubricating them. If the noise persists, speak to a competent AC repair technician to troubleshoot the unit for other possible issues. 

Rattling Noises Outside the House

The condenser unit and cabinet stay outside the house. The role of the condenser is to release the heated air from inside the home. It contains several components that help it accomplish the cooling function. If one of the components breaks down, it will start banging against the cabinet wall. The noise might get increasingly loud, interfering with your activities in the house. Condenser malfunction is a little complex to handle, and you should allow professionals to do it instead. They resolve the issues by tightening loose screws and replacing any components damaged beyond simple repairs. 

Buzzing Sounds from the System

Buzzing is another common noise that air conditioning systems make. Low-key buzzing from the condenser unit indicates that the part of the system has accumulated too much dirt. You can hose down the condenser with your garden hose and check whether the buzzing noise dies down. If the noise does not die down, you should consult an AC repair expert to check for other possible complications. 

Murmuring Noises

Murmuring is another common noise that a poorly adjusted AC fan makes. It typically indicates that the fan blades have accumulated dirt and debris and need cleaning. Fans might also make noise when bent out of shape. A technician will help resolve the problem.

You should consult an AC repair pro when you notice odd noises coming from your air conditioning system. They have the necessary skills to troubleshoot and locate the issue with your system. They will bring it back to its proper working condition.

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