Know What To Do About Water Around Your Furnace

Have you discovered that there is water around the base of your furnace and you have no idea what is wrong with it? This is what you need to know about this unique problem.

Why Is There A Water Leak?

If you see water leaking out of your furnace, then this means that you have a high-efficiency condensing furnace. It is likely a PVC plastic pipe is going out the side of your home, and it condenses moisture from flue gas and releases it safely to the outside through this pipe. There is a drain inside the furnace where water can leave the appliance and flow into a drain, which is often the same drain that the air conditioner uses. 

What is happening when you see water on the floor around your furnace is that water is getting into a place where it shouldn't. All of the condensation water should be going out through the pipe or into a drain, and water on the floor indicates a drain problem.

What Could Be Damaged That Is Causing The Water Leak?

Water is likely escaping due to one or more reasons. A very common cause is because the drain is clogged with debris and all of the water cannot escape through the drain line and go into the sewer. The other reason is because of a damaged hose. Water could be leaking out of the hose and getting onto the floor.

It is worth opening the furnace up and looking for the drain. Some furnaces have a drain that is easily accessible and acts like a cup, which allows you to put bleach into the drain and clean it out. If you find the drain and it is overflowing, then you know that there is a clog in the drain. Then check the hose for damage since a crack in a hose could be enough to cause water to leak out onto the floor.

You'll also want to investigate your humidifier, which is designed to put moisture into the air during the winter months If there is a drain in the humidifier or water line going to it, then that could also cause water to leak out onto the floor. 

Who Can Fix A Problem WIth Leaking Water?

Reach out to an HVAC specialist if you want help repairing a furnace that is causing water to leak onto the floor. They'll be able to investigate the problem and replace any parts that are damaged, such as drain lines that are cracked. Contact a local heater repair service to learn more.