Three Reasons To Get An AC Unit Replacement Done By Professionals

Household appliances can last for years, decades even, without needing to be repaired replaced. Eventually, though, they will break down, and this includes air conditioners. At this point, you may be considering replacing it yourself. However, it's important to get your AC replacement done by professional HVAC contractors, as they can find you the best AC for your home and install it correctly. Plus, some areas require a professional to do the job.

ACs That Work For You

One of the best reasons to hire professionals to handle AC replacement is that they can use their experience to recommend the best one for your home. For example, the efficiency of an AC unit is determined by its AFUE rating, or the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating. Some air conditioners have an AFUE rating of around 70 or 80, which can be too low for those with allergies or breathing problems. Meanwhile, AFUE ratings near 100 are for industrial-level air conditioners, and they may not be worth the cost for your average homeowner. They can also recommend different types of air conditioners, such as split systems or heat pumps, depending on your needs.

Low Risk Of Mistakes

Another benefit of letting an HVAC professional replace your AC unit for you is that hiring a professional comes with a lower risk of mistakes. Air conditioners are complicated units, and working with them requires knowledge of the heating/cooling cycle, wiring, ductwork, and even insulation. Even the most foolproof guide may be too lengthy for the average person to understand without the classes that HVAC contractors already take to get their license. As such, hiring a contractor increases your likelihood of an AC replacement done right. Many contractors offer repairs as part of their contract if they make a mistake as well.

You Might Be Required To

Finally, many areas require that you pull a permit to get your AC unit replaced, and typically only professionals can do that. Some AC units, such as window units, may be something you can replace without a permit, although they too can be replaced by professionals if you are worried about dropping the unit from two stories or more. Other AC units, such as outdoor units, split systems, heat pumps, and anything else more complicated than a window unit, will need all the right permits filed with your city or state. If you need a permit, you need a contractor, no matter what kind of AC you want or how complicated the replacement will be.

If you're interested in an AC replacement done right, contact an HVAC contractor near you today.