Five Reasons To Schedule Annual Maintenance For Your HVAC System

An annual service call for a tuneup and basic maintenance is recommended for your HVAC system. The following are five reasons why keeping this appointment is a good idea.  

1. Reduce Energy Costs

Regular HVAC maintenance will help reduce energy costs. Clogged filters, dirty furnace burners, and air leaks in the system all result in longer run times and less efficient heating and cooling for your HVAC system. Having everything cleaned out, inspected, and lubricated to make sure the system is running smoothly will greatly reduce the annual energy usage, thus resulting in much lower heating and cooling bills.

2. Extend HVAC Life

Minor issues such as a worn belt, loose part, or poor lubrication can be repaired in moments with very little additional cost turning routine maintenance. If you skip maintenance, then these small issues go unaddressed. Small wear on one part can cause other components to wear out more quickly, with the effect of the entire system's life being shortened. Eventually, you will have to replace your HVAC system due to all the minor wear and tear that was ignored. Regular maintenance prevents this wear and tear and extends the life of your system.

3. Avoid Expensive Repairs

Imagine a single worn bearing in the furnace fan. When this bearing goes, the fan seizes up and the motor is damaged, resulting in an expensive repair. Regular annual maintenance could have avoided this, as part of the tuneup is lubricating and inspecting the bearings so they can be repacked before major damage occurs. Paying a small amount for regular maintenance will save you hundreds on expensive repairs later.

4. Maintain the Warranty

If you have a newer HVAC system, chances are it is still under warranty. Most warranties have a stipulation that you must be able to show proof of annual maintenance or regular tune-ups or the warranty won't be honored. If something goes wrong, make sure you are protected by simply scheduling the necessary maintenance to meet the stipulations.

5. Prevent Safety Issues

The furnace in particular can pose a safety issue, especially if you have a gas or oil furnace that can leak dangerous carbon monoxide. Regular tune-ups will verify that there are no electrical dangers in your HVAC system. They will also catch issues such as a cracked burner pan or valve leak, which could pose a firer hazard.

Contact an HVAC repair service in your area to schedule an annual tune-up for your air conditioner or furnace.