Heating Options For Furnace Upgrades To Improve The Efficiency Of Older Systems

If you have an older home, mechanical systems like the HVAC may be outdated and inefficient. You may want to start planning on upgrades for your heating system, which can be a furnace replacement or other improvements. Before you begin the upgrades, you will want to know the best options for your heating needs. The following heating upgrade options could help reduce your energy consumption and utility costs:

Furnace replacement projects for efficient heating

Replacing your furnace is one of the first options that you will want to consider for heating upgrades. You want to know the different options for an efficient furnace replacement, which include:

  • Hydro-air heating with gas boilers
  • Efficient geothermal heat pump furnace
  • High-efficiency electric furnaces
  • Modern AC heat pumps for complete HVAC solutions

These furnace replacement options will help improve your home with a new energy-efficient heating design. When you are replacing your furnace, options like hydro-air heating or geothermal heat pumps greatly improve energy efficiency. Talk to your heating service about these and other options to replace your furnace with more efficient equipment.

Updating the furnace blower with modern technology

The blower of your furnace is another area where you will want to consider upgrades to improve your heating efficiency. There are a lot of blower improvements that can be done to improve the energy efficiency of your HVAC system. Some of the options that can improve blower efficiency include:

  • Replacing blowers with more efficient designs
  • Installing a variable-speed blower for your furnace replacement
  • Improving ductwork design to improve airflow from the blower

These furnace blower upgrades will help improve the efficiency and performance of your household heating. Ask your heating contractor about options like variable-speed blowers to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Upgrading furnaces with modern electric ignition

Today, modern furnaces are installed with an electric ignition system that eliminates problems with old systems. If you want to keep your old furnace and invest in affordable repairs, updating it with an electric ignition could be a good investment. This can be in addition to other improvements like modern programmable thermostats and a zoned HVAC design. These combinations of upgrades and improvements will help extend the life of heating equipment like furnaces, as well as improve efficiency.

These are furnace upgrades that could help reduce your energy consumption. Call a heating service to talk to them about the best options to upgrade your system this winter.