Boom! What's That Sound Coming From My Air Conditioner?

When your air conditioning unit is in need of repair, it may let you know this by making strange sounds. One of the sounds that you may hear when something is not right is a bang or thud sound. This banging or thud sound is most common when your air conditioning system first kicks on or when it begins to cycle down. When you first hear this, you may not realize where it is coming from. But as soon as you realize it is coming from your air conditioning unit, you should have your unit inspected and repaired to fix the damage. Here are three reasons why your air conditioner may be making a loud boom or thud noise. 

The Compressor Motor Is Going Out

One reason why you may hear a loud boom coming from your air conditioning unit when it first kicks on is because the compressor motor is going bad or something is wrong with the motor. The boom may be from the sound of the damaged or bad motor trying to get going to produce cooled air from your home. If you hear this sound, you want to have the repairs made quickly, as the motor will only worsen. Eventually, it may stop working altogether, and you will not have cool air in your home. 

The Fan or Blower May Be Loose

The second reason why you may hear a loud bang from your air conditioning unit is because the fan or blower in your AC is loose. When the fan or blower is loose, it may be hitting something else in your unit when it first speeds up to turn on or slows down to shut off. Routine maintenance helps to prevent the part from becoming loose. It is important to have this part repaired promptly to prevent further damage to both the fan or blower and the part it is banging against. 

There May Be an Air Duct or Damper Issue

The final reason why you may hear a loud bang when your air conditioning system turns on or off is because the air ducts or dampers may be contracting as cold air blows through them and expanding when the cold air stops. The ducts and dampers should be inspected to ensure they are not splitting or becoming damaged due to this expansion and contraction. 

While you cannot prevent all incidents from occurring, the best way to decrease the odds of needing unexpected repairs to your air conditioning system is to have routine air conditioning maintenance. It is recommended that you have your unit maintained at least once per year. During a maintenance appointment, your unit is inspected for signs of damage that can lead to issues, such as loud bands or booms. If it has been a year or longer since you last had your air conditioning unit maintained, now is a great time to have your unit maintained. 

To learn more, contact your local air conditioning maintenance services