Problems With The Fan Motor In Your Central AC System

A central air conditioning system has a lot of key parts that make it work, and if any of these parts is not operating properly, the system might not be able to produce cold air. One part that often breaks is the fan motor. If this part is not working as it should be, your system will not cool your house, and here are several things to know about the fan motor in your system.

What it is and its location

A typical central AC system has two main parts. One part is located in your house and is the actual system. The other part is located outside of your house and contains the condenser and other key parts. The fan motor is located in the outdoor part of your system, and it serves an important role. Its main job is to make the fan blades spin while the system is running, and the purpose of this is to help extract the heat from your home as a way of cooling your house.

Signs of a bad fan motor

When the fan motor in your system is not working properly or at all, there are several common signs you might see, and you should go outside to the condenser to look for these signs. The first sign to look for is no spinning with the fan blades. If you look into the condenser, you will see the fan blades. If the system is running but the fan blades are not spinning, there is a good chance that the problem lies within the fan motor. If the motor is not working, it cannot make the fan blades spin.

A second sign is slow-moving fan blades. If your condenser kicks on and the fan blades are moving very slowly, it is another sign of a problem with the fan motor. Other signs of fan motor problems include strange sounds coming from the condenser and the condenser short-cycling. Short-cycling is the condition in which the condenser turns on and off every few seconds and never stays running long.

Solutions for a bad fan motor

If you suspect that your fan motor is bad and is the cause of your AC problems, you should call an HVAC company for help. They can test the fan motor to determine if it is working or not and will repair or replace it if this is the problem. Once this is complete, your AC should begin working fine.

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