3 Types of Clogs That Could Prevent Your Furnace from Working

If your furnace is not working and you're looking to hire a furnace technician, you could be wondering about some of the more common repairs that people have done. Various types of clogs can prevent your furnace from working, but the good news is that someone who has experience in furnace repair should not have a problem taking care of these clogs. These are three types of clogs that could be the source of your heating system problem.

1. Gas Line Clogs

If your furnace operates off of gas instead of electricity, then there is a gas line that is installed to move gas from your gas tank to your furnace. If something goes wrong with this gas line, such as if there is a clog of some sort, then it can prevent your furnace from getting the gas that it needs to run. If this is what is wrong with your heating system, an HVAC repair professional can check the line and hopefully get rid of the clog to get your furnace back up and running again. If not, you might have to call someone from the gas company to come out and help.

2. Filter Clogs

A very common problem that many homeowners end up dealing with is a clogged furnace. This is caused by not changing your air filters enough, and it's a particularly big problem if your home is dusty or if there is a lot of pet hair in your home. In some cases, just changing your filter is enough. If the problem has been going on for a long time, however, dust and debris might have clogged up other parts of your system because your air filter was too clogged to catch it. If this is the case, then a furnace repair professional will have to clean out your system.

3. Ductwork Clogs

If your furnace turns on like it's supposed to but if there isn't enough warm air coming out of your vents, then it could be because of a clog of some type in your ductwork. This might also be the case if warm air is coming out of most of your vents but not all of them. It might be clogged with dust and pet hair, or an animal might have made a nest in the ductwork. A furnace repair service can look for clogs and clean out your ductwork. This can both help get your furnace back working again and can improve your indoor air quality