Does AC Brand Name Matter?

If you are planning to install an air conditioner (AC) or replace an aging one, then your friends have probably suggested specific bands that they believe are the best. This is because some people believe brand names are a big deal when it comes to AC units, while others believe otherwise.

Why Some Believe Brand Names Matter

Here are two common reasons you may hear from those who believe that you should give brand names a major consideration:

Customer Support Levels Differ

One reason some people swear by particular brands is because the quality of customer support differs by brand. Some brands are known for impeccable customer support that you can get fast if you have a problem with their system. Other brands only offer so-so customer services to its customers.

Parts Availability Differ

Some people also claim that availability of spare parts differs by manufacturers. Specifically, the well known major brands are thought to have widespread availability of parts. Spare parts of lesser-known brands may be difficult to find, leading to possible repair delays in case of a breakdown.

Why Others Believe Brands Don't Matter That Much

On the other side of the fence, there are also those who argue that AC brand names don't matter that much. This group also has its reasons, which include:

Level Playing Field

The belief here is that the government, through various bodies such as the Environmental Protection Authority, has leveled the playing field by setting standards that all AC manufacturers must adhere to. As such, there is no major difference between all these brands because they have to play by the same rules. Therefore, you can pick any AC brand, and it will give you good service.

Competing Brands Have Same Owners

Another argument for ignoring brands is that some "competing" brands are actually owned by the same businesses. The brands are only differentiated at the marketing level to allow them to capture a good percentage of the market, but they all have the same origins so you shouldn't care for the names.

Nearly All Brands Have Units For Your Needs

Lastly, many people also argue that you shouldn't mind the brand names because they all have the same features or service levels. This means you should focus on your needs, and then look for an AC system that can meet them irrespective of its brand.

Your friends may be well-meaning, but they don't have the knowledge or experience to help you choose an AC. Ultimately, only a professional technician can help you get the best AC for your house, irrespective of the brand.

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