3 Reasons Why Fall Is The Best Time To Replace Your A/C System

If you've been waiting for the right time to replace your air conditioning system, the recent change in seasons may be just the opportunity you've been looking for. There are plenty of good reasons why you'd want to tackle your A/C replacement during the fall, as explained below:

#1: It's Easier to Get a Technician for A/C Service

If you've ever needed HVAC service during the summer, then chances are you know how difficult it can be to schedule service during this high-demand period. In most cases, calls for emergency repairs and last-minute maintenance often take priority over A/C installations. As a result, it may take several days or even several weeks before your technician is able to install your A/C system.

Fortunately, there's usually not as much demand for A/C service during the fall months, which means your technician can get to your installation much quicker. In addition, your technician will also have more time to devote to your installation, ensuring that the job gets done right the first time.

#2: You Can Replace It without Losing Any Comfort

During the dog days of summer, the last thing you'd want your home to be without is air conditioning. By scheduling a mid-summer A/C replacement, that's exactly what you'll be giving up for however long it takes to finish the installation. It might not be a big deal if you can afford a hotel room or stay at a friend's home for a few days, but it'll quickly become a deal-breaker if leaving home isn't an option.

Scheduling a mid-fall A/C replacement, on the other hand, gives you an opportunity to take advantage of cooler fall temperatures. This means you won't have to flee your home or be left sweltering without the benefit of air conditioning since outdoor temperatures will be a lot cooler than they are during the peak of summer.

#3: You'll Benefit from Seasonal Rebates, Discounts, and Credits

By having your A/C system replaced this fall, you may be able to benefit from various discounts and rebates on your air conditioning equipment. Declining demand for A/C systems and components throughout the fall and winter months also means additional savings, since most manufacturers are keen on liquidating their stocks prior to the new year.

In addition, you'll also be able to benefit from various state and federal tax credits offered for buying energy-efficient A/C systems. These tax credits can help reduce the overall cost of your AC replacement even further. Contact a company like Pristine Air Conditioning Corp for more information and assistance.