Having Problems With Your Heating System? It's Time To Review Your HVAC Design

If you have a heating system that is prone to frequent breakdowns or hefty energy bills, then you may have inherited a flawed HVAC system. Here are some common mistakes in HVAC design that can cost you money, along with things a heating system installation expert can do to fix them.   

Distressed Air Flow

The flow of your HVAC system depends on a good design to make sure that all of the air pressure is distributed effortlessly. The system needs to be balanced, so that larger branches are offset by multiple small branches. Otherwise, as air flows through the system, you may have uneven pressure in some branches. This can cause problems with circulation and efficiency throughout the design. A contractor can help to review the design to add or remove branches where necessary to improve the air flow. 

Wasted Air

Another problem occurs when there is too much air allocated to areas of the house where you don't need as much heating or cooling. While this isn't a horrible problem, it can be more beneficial to have minimal airflow to unused areas of the house. It may be possible for your technician to reroute the HVAC system and close off wasteful areas, such as by fastening a metal plate or grill over some ducts to ensure that air doesn't flow through them when not needed. 

Inefficient Branching of Ductwork

Another problem that can occur with heating system installations is when the branching system is inefficient. The greater number of branches there are in your system, the more opportunity there is for a seam to appear and let air out of the system. Multiple branching systems like Y-connectors can minimize the number of connections in your air conditioning system, and it may be possible for your contractor to add these after the initial installation. 

Choosing the Wrong Size Furnace

The central furnace determines the capacity and efficiency of your entire HVAC design. It's not always a good idea to have the largest furnace, since you may be overcompensating and risking a frequent burnout of your furnace. A furnace that's too small may not produce the right output for the size of your home. If you've had either of these problems, have an HVAC contractor evaluate your furnace size. 

Each of these problems with your HVAC design could cost you money by causing wasted energy or frequent breakdowns. Speak with a heating system installation company to see what you can do to remodel your HVAC system. The fixes will depend on what's feasible for your system; for instance, a new furnace or an added duct may be easier to fix than replacing already existing branches and connectors. The best thing that you can do is hire an experienced HVAC contractor to review your HVAC plans and make changes where possible.