How To Maintain Your Propane Heater

Propane heaters provide a great way to heat up your home quickly and efficiently. While the modern propane heaters do a very good job, they still need regular maintenance and inspections. Here are some tips to accomplish that.

Disconnect the Power First

Before you do any sort of work or maintenance on your propane heater, make sure you disconnect the power. You not only want the heater itself to be turned off an unplugged, but turn off nearby connections as well. This will help to prevent electrocution when working near it. To further protect yourself, wear a sturdy pair of gloves while working with the heater. Make sure nobody else is around to turn the power back on when you are working on the heater.

Clean the Outside of the Unit

Before you start inspecting the propane heater, get it as clean as possible. This starts with the outside of the unit. Dust and debris on the outside of a propane heater can lead to deterioration of the parts, and can also get inside the heater where it does a lot more damage. Hook up the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner and gently vacuum around the outside of the heater. Also vacuum the grids and vents in the area to remove additional debris. You can also use a small toothbrush to clean areas that are tighter and the vacuum isn't able to reach.

Do a Thorough Inspection

There are just a few more steps needed to inspect your propane heater and ensure it is working properly. One good thing to look at is the flame. The flame should be glowing yellow and burning steadily. If it looks small or weak, contact an HVAC repair professional from a company like RA Styron Heating and Air Conditioning to have it looked at. Once you look at the flame, turn off the propane heater.

With the unit turned off, remove the screws so you can clean the inside of the appliance. Wipe any dust or debris you find inside the unit, including the panel. Be careful when you are cleaning it so you don't disturb the gas line tubing or oxygen sensor. Make sure you replace the panel when you are done cleaning it.

These small tasks should get your propane heater clean and keep it maintained. Remember to inspect it on a regular basis so you can get repairs before it turns into a bigger problem.