Innovative Cooling Solutions: Pairing A Mini-Split AC Unit With A House Fan

A central-air system uses ducts to pump cooled air to every room in your home. If every room in your house is in constant use, then this is not a bad plan. On the other hand, if you spend most of your time during the day in the public rooms of your home, then cooling your bedrooms is simply wasting energy. If you are looking for a way to decrease your cooling costs, then you should consider using a mini-split system and a house fan. 

The Benefits of a Mini-Split System

With a mini-split system, you have one condenser unit and up to four small evaporator units that you place directly in the rooms that you want to cool. By bypassing ducts, you eliminate the loss of efficiency that can home from leaky ducts. Furthermore, you can target your kitchen, your living room, and the other rooms that you use most during the day. Each evaporator unit will have its own thermostat, so you can control the temperature in each room independently of the others. Thus, if you don't use your office or craft room one day, you can turn of the AC to that room while still cooling the rooms that you are using. 

The Reason for a House Fan

When it comes time to start using your bedrooms, you should not have to wait for them to cool down. A house fan is different than a ceiling fan in that in order to install a house fan, you must cut a hole through your ceiling to your attic. You then place the house fan in this opening. From this position, it can vent hot air out of your home through the attic. When you open your windows, a properly sized house fan can cool your entire house in a matter of minutes by pulling cool evening air into your home even as it vents hot air out. Thus, a house fan allows you to quickly cool your entire home. You can then run your house fan through the night, if needed, to cool your home while using a fraction of the electricity that an AC unit requires. 

While a central-air system has its advantages, a mini-split system combined with a house fan can give you effective and efficient cooling. For those who are willing to think outside of the AC box, there is the opportunity for improved efficiency without a loss in comfort. Talk to an HVAC contractor, like those at John Legg's Heating & Air Conditioning, to learn more.