Bad Allergies And Fruit Flies All Summer? Air Conditioner Problems You Need To Fix

If you have never had your air conditioner maintained or cleaned but you can tell the air quality in your home is poor during the summer, it's time to get an HVAC expert to your house. There are a lot of problems that happen in the summer that you may not even know are caused by the air conditioning unit, and a cleaning and inspection can treat the issues. Here are just a few reasons to clean and maintain your system.

Mold and Mildew

The moisture or ventilation problems in the air conditioner could be spreading mold and mildew throughout the ducts and around your home. If you don't have your air conditioner checked and maintained on a regular basis, you could be dealing with moisture problems throughout the space. Exposure to mold and mildew can be harmless for some but can cause respiratory illness and other health complications for others, along with asthma and allergy concerns.

Fruit Flies

Are you seeing fruit flies all around the house and you assume it's because they want the bananas on the counter, or a spilled drink in the dining room? The problem could actually be your air conditioner. You could have fruit flies living and laying eggs in your air conditioner, and then they are getting inside the house through the ducts and vents. Cleaning the unit and changing the filters can help prevent this from happening.

Efficiency and Dirty Air

Replacing the filter so air can move smoothly through the unit and tuning up the machine is going to improve the efficiency. It's also going to take dirt, dust and other toxins out of the machine, to prevent them from traveling inside the house. The HVAC professional will determine if there are any repairs that are needed and give you an estimate at how well and efficiently your air conditioner is working.

If you feel that allergies around your home are high in the summer and that the air in your house is damp, have your air conditioner checked out. There are a lot of problems in the summer that may be a direct result of needing to have the unit cleaned and inspected, and it's something that you should have done at the beginning of each summer before you start to use the unit. The sooner you get it done, the sooner you can breathe fresh and clean air.

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